PT 279 R0 - Stand for the vials

PT 279 R0 - Stand for the vials

The stand provides a simple method of adjustment of a set of the vials. Its purpose is to reduce the risk of exposure and contamination of emloyees handling radioactive solutions. It allowes maintaining aseptic conditions when working with preparations to be administered by injection.

Brief Description of the Device, Basic Specifications

Main components of the device:

  • Stand steel plate and a Body made of aluminium alloy having three socket for vials.

Related devices:

  • may be combined with Slanted stands types PT 278 R0 a PT 280 R0
  • Modified hemostat PT 172 R2 is recomended to apply needles into the vial.

Main dimensions:

  • Height: 28 mm
  • Width: 80 mm
  • Length: 100 mm
  • Max. dia.of small vials: 16 mm
  • Max. dia. of big vial: 26 mm

Basic weight:

  • Total: 0,27 kg

Accessories Supplied with the Device

  • None