PT 468 R1 - SPECT dose dispenser

PT 468 R1 - SPECT dose dispenser

For radiopharmaceutical companies delivering single SPECT doses, Lynax developed the dose dispenser which eliminates finger doses and even speeds up the dispensing process.


  • Direct measuring the activity inside the syringe speeds up the process considerably thus saving expensive radiopharmaceutical
  • 15 sec for one dose!!!
  • Mechanically operated syringe piston lever eliminates finger doses to ZERO! Patented solution.
  • Tungsten shielding of both vial and syringe provides reliable radiation protection
  • Small ground area of the device enables excellent exploitation of the cell desktop and easy manipulation with syringe pigs
  • Shielding window enables to watch the level of the radiopharmaceutical in the vial
  • Built – in long term stability test system
  • High grade stainless steel body provides excellent clean ability of the device


To download PDF datasheet of PT468R1 click here

Device Design, Purpose & Usage

The device has been designed to simplify and speed up the SPECT dose preparation in laminar flow cells. It provides reliable shielding of both vials and syringes during the whole dose preparation process.

PT468R1apart Main dimensions:

Width    14 "
Depth    9,5 "
Hight    13 "
weight    48 lbs

Accessories Supplied with the Device

3ml syringe shield lid
5ml syringe shield lid
Shielding lids for two different vial sizes