SPECT equipment


The most dangerous operation is always the manipulation with unshielded vial or unshielded syringe. Manipulation and shielding of Tc generators is also a serious because the activity especially of a new generator is often very high - up to 140 GBq. 5 mm Pb which is enough for 99mTc is not enough for 99Mo by far!

The device provides a safe and simple method of the manual extraction of 99mTc eluate for the preparation of other radiopharmaceuticals. Its purpose is to reduce the risk of exposure and contamination of employees handling radioactive solutions.

For a safe grip of a vial containing a radioactive solution

Handling tweezers for a vertical grip, type MP-1V, are designed to be used in the nuclear medicine department and other facilities where open sources occur. They are especially suitable for transporting vials with radioactive solutions from one container to another, to a shielding cover or the well of a ionization chamber of an activity meter (calibrator). The special shape of their jaws and the spring that engages them ensure a very secure grip and hold of a bottle or vial during the entire handling period.