Safe and easy manipulation with SPECT radiopharmaceuticals

SPECT – Carefully organised system minimising

SPECT – Carefully organised system minimising "unshielded" manipulations with radiopharmaceuticals. The activity in the syringe is always measured automatically – directly during extracting the solution into it. The fingerdoses are minimised. The danger of a bacteriological contamination is completely excluded by a simple administering stand. Each device can also be used separately.

Typical Equipment for SPECT

  1. EA 68 Elution cell PT226R0 for two Tc generators 1 piece
  2. Elution container – usually comes with generators
  3. Laminar flow cell MB120NM with 2 waste containers shielded with 20mm Pb and with a dose calibrator 1 piece
  4. Slanted stand with dose measuring PT310R3 1 piece
  5. Handling tweezers PT206R01 piece
  6. Modified hemostat PT172R0 1 piece
  7. Slanted stand for activity distribution PT194R2 or PT173R3 2-5 pieces
  8. Measuring stand-Tc PT342R3 1 piece
  9. Administering stand PT344R0 (2ml syringe) 2-5 pieces
  10. Administering stand PT345R0 (5ml syringe) 2-5 pieces
  11. Syringe shielding PT346R0 (2ml) 2-5 pieces
  12. Syringe shielding PT347R0 (5 ml) 2-5 pieces
  13. Pincers PT352R0 2 pieces
  14. Movable table with a waste container PT149R1 2 pieces

A set for the control of radiochemical purity is recommended (see Controle of Radiochem. Pur.)