Special Services

In order to complete our service in the field of radiation protection we offer following special services:

1. Technical support in an early stage of project design of nuclear medicine department reconstruction or project design of a new department. Consists of layout preparation with respect to the particular conditions, system of manipulation with radiopharmaceuticals, waste handling system proposal, irradiation protection of the staff suggestions etc.

Všeobecná fakultní nemocnice

2. Technical support in solving radiation protection problems in your department.Proposal, design, delivery. The solution will be found in close cooperation and with respect to the customer demands. Let us know your way of dose preparation and administration process from very beginning up to waste handling system. We will analyze the process, identify the “weak points” and suggest how to minimize your doses. This solution might be in designing a new device specially for your department, bringing in to the process some already existing device or just a proposal of your work organization improvement.

Technical Support

3. Lectures and presentations focused on manipulation with radiopharmaceuticalsincluding transportation, radiological protection of the health-care staff and work organization in nuclear medicine departments. Lectures are held by Ing. Petr Kralik, CSc,who has more than 15 years experience in a field of radiation protection based on close cooperation with the clinic of nuclear medicine of Charles university hospital in Prague, PET Centre in Homolka Hospital in Prague and many others Nuclear medicine departments.

Jiří Králík