Control of radiochemical purity


The purpose of the device is to provide a save and simple method of spotting of analysed specimen onto the chromatogram. The design of the pad provides a reasonable fixing of the chromtogram (first type the dimension 15 x 75-80 mm, the second type typ 25 x 75-80 mm) in a position where the „start“ overhang the edge of the pad of about 10 – 12 mm. No contact occours between the liquid ond vicinage while spotting the specimen.

Vial for chromatography

The cylindrical glass vial with extended lower part server first of all to perform a simple verification of radiochemical purity of radiopharmaceuticals using the method of upward chromatography on a paper and thin layers.

The focusing screen supplies diffused light iluminating vials for chromatography with chromatograms from behind. It allows to observe the advancement of the face of the mobile phase on chromatograms very easy even from a longer distance.