PT 358 R5 5ml / PT 359 R5 3ml - Tungsten Syringe shield

PT 358 R5 5ml / PT 359 R5 3ml - Tungsten Syringe shield

PT358R5 5ml (blue stripe)
PT359R5 3ml (red stripe)
Syringe shields with Pb glass window 

Designation, Purpose, Use of the Equipment

The device is intended to secure a safe and simple manner of manipulation with radiopharmaceuticals during preparation of the dose and administering of radioactive solution of radiopharmaceuticals to the patient. Its purpose is to limit the risk of irradiation and bacterial contamination of employees when handling radioactive solutions.


It facilitates maintaining aseptic conditions when manipulating with the syinge and needle during administration procedure.

Brief Description of the Device, Basic Specifications

Main components of the device:

The body of the shielding is made of tungsten. The stainless-steel screw with grooved head provides the fixation of the syringe inside the shielding. The window with shielding glass enables to watch the piston of the syringe.

Main dimensions PT358R5

  • Inside diameter 15,2 mm
  • Lenght 65 mm
  • Outside diameter 34 mm

Main dimensions PT359R5

  • Inside diameter 12,4 mm
  • Lenght 65 mm
  • Outside diameter 32,6 mm

Basic weight PT358R5

  • 850 g

Basic weight PT359R5

  • 825 g

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Accessories Supplied with the Device

  • none