• PET - Tungsten system

    Safe and easy individual dose
    preparation and administration

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    Carefully organised system minimising “unshielded” manipulations with radiopharmaceuticals.

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Radiation protection specialists

The goal of Lynax is the systematic perfection of personal radiation protection in nuclear medicine departments. The integrated manipulating systems for PET, SPECT and 90Y radiopharmaceuticals have been developed recently. Not only shielding devices but also a reasonable work organization helps to minimize the doses.

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Special services

  1. Technical support in an early stage of project design of N.M. department
  2. Technical support in solving rad. protection problems
  3. Lectures and presentations focused on manipulation with RF



Manipulation with PET radiopharmaceuticals

The unique system solving all necessary manipulations with PET radiopharmaceuticals starting with transportation and ending administering and wastes handling. It reduces time of manipulating steps by their organisation and automatisation.

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Manipulation with SPECT radiopharm

PT194R2 01

Carefully organised system minimising "unshielded" manipulations with radiopharm. The activity in the syringe is always measured automatically – directly during extracting the solution into it.

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Control of Radiochemical Purity

QC naborovka-QC04

Unavoidable control of radiochemical purity can really take just o couple of seconds thanks to the help of simple instruments. Using Lynax focusing screen enables you to observe the migration of the solution clearly.

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90Y Zevalin preparation

PT328R0 03

Exploiting simple devices this unique system provides reducing the irradiation of the manipulating person to a minimum. Especially the fingerdoses are considerably reduced.

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Shielding materials

DSC 1463

To complete radiation protection arrangements or assemblies we also deliver a shielding materials not only in standard shape and dimmensions like lead bricks but also custom designed and produced assemblies made of lead ....

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